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    A Family (Hi)story

    Maisons, crests… Long ago, the great lineages of noble families were so grouped. Today, the Maison Albar also has its flag! But under its colors, one finds a large, modern, blended family, enriched by its founders, partners, and guests. Here, one chooses to come as a family, drawn by the Albar family heritage and its collaboration with other talented families. Lineage becomes community.

    An Open Door to Life and the City

    Maison = 4 walls and a roof to be well sheltered. That definition is a bit old school, isn’t it? At the Maison Albar Hotels, the doors are always open, radiating into the neighborhood! The well-trimmed walls tell tons of stories, in the present as well as the past. And that’s just a beginning: after each event, visit, burst of laughter, the entire house gets a boost of energy, and that’s why we love it!

    A Whole World of Talent and French Savoir-faire

    You know about, of course, the celebrated maisons de couture and their incredible little hands? You are going to adore the Maison Albar Hotels and its great talents, boosted by French savoir-faire! Here, the best work of artisans is throughout. Between the talent of the founders, associates, and staff, it’s impossible to not taste the best of “made in France.”

    An Effortless Chic Personality

    In France, every maison has a soul. In the image of its occupants, their life style, their style, quite simply. The Maison Albar Hotel’s soul? A subtle personality that invites one to experience a very French effortless chic. Accessible sophistication, wit; the French touch infusing the local culture: this is the very recognizable soul of a Maison Albar Hotels.