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    Stronger together

    In 2014, the expert in high end Parisian boutique hotels meets China’s leading and most innovative hotel group.
    A Century Of Passion & Know-How

    Paris Inn Group has been faithful to its original values since 1923. It has since developed a human approach to the hotel industry, built on guest satisfaction and innovation by foreseeing and implementing contemporary hotel trends.

    Performance & Profitability

    Paris Inn Group sets a high bar in the high-end Parisian hotel industry, outperforming the market: 92% annual occupancy rate, RevPAR 15 to 25% above the competitive set and average GOP representing 46% of the annual turnover. Paris Inn Group has become the privileged partner of its clients by maximizing the profitability of their investments.

    Unique Themes, Unique Experiences

    Paris Inn Group puts its hotels in a position to achieve both high-quality standards and high profitability. Its expertise enables them to answer every challenge - restructurings, conversions, renovations or compliance implementation. Paris Inn Group works with the best Parisian architects and designers to meet traveler’s expectations with high quality service and equipment. Its boutique hotels are ideally located in the heart of the French capital, reaching the international standards.

    Ready To Go Global

    With the efficiency of its model and know-how in the Parisian market, the group is now looking to expand globally. Development is planned in Europe and Middle East in the first stage followed by North America in the second stage.

    5Th Hotel Group In The World

    Upon merging with Jin Jiang International Hotels Group, Plateno is now the 5th hotel group worldwide. Plateno Group owns 22 brands, 80 million members, over 3,700 hotels, covering more than 300 cities across China, and also expanding its business into Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other overseas markets.

    Experience Reimagined

    Plateno Group is one of China’s most innovative and influential enterprises, focusing on the field of experiential consumption. Its business ranges from hotels, apartments, coffee chains, art public platforms to high-end customized travel agencies. Plateno Group has established a strong strategic partnership with the top two online travel agencies in China – C-Trip and Elong.

    Powerful Membership & Distribution Channels

    The Plateno Club, the largest loyalty program in Asia and worldwide, has exponential member growth with substantial purchasing power, i.e. 80 million members. 75% of their bookings directly comes from the Central Reservation System including the Plateno app - ‘Plateno Trip’. It is a social and e-commerce app that delivers hotel experiences in three- dimensional settings, bringing together occasional travelers, travel experts, tour guides, hotels, and brands.

    Streamlined Supply Chain

    The Plateno Group’s supply chain offers a variety of resources, minimizing the purchasing cost and maximizing the efficiency. It helps Maison Albar Hotel meet customer demands, grow markets, and increase competitive market share.